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Places of Interests
  • Five (5) Oldest Buildings in Angeles City

    In 1976, Don Angel Pantaleon de Miranda and his wife, Doña Rosalia De Jesus searched far and wide for a new settlement. Upon seeing a land crawling with Culiat vines, they knew it was the ideal place to start a town— a town they then called after these abundant vines. Years later, Pantaleon de Miranda’s […]

  • Tigtigan Terakan Keng Dalan 2017

    Tigtigan Terakan Keng Dalan is one celebration being looked forward to every last Friday and Saturday of October in Angeles City. Dubbed as Pampanga’s version of Mardi Gras, visitors are kept in high energy all night long dancing and singing. The event becomes more enjoyable with local celebrity bands performing and food stalls serving a […]

  • Things to Do During Rainy Season

    The cool, breezy and windy days are here. For some, rainy season could mean cancelled plans and gloomy days. For others, they feel that this season is the best time to stay at home and sleep all day. There are some worthwhile ways on how we can enjoy the storm clouds pouring in this time […]

  • The Magic of Ligligan Parul

    As the Christmas spirit blankets the bustling province of Pampanga, out comes the bright, festive lights that adorn the skyline. This is how Pampanga usually welcomes the Christmas season; with gleeful hearts and a thousand twinkling lights that form a bright star lantern atop homesteads. Perhaps the most renowned appearance of these lanterns is their […]

  • List of Halls in Pampanga for your Events

    One big decision to make when organizing an event is choosing a venue that fits your party theme. More than that, there are a lot of other factors to consider like the budget, the number of guests and the type of event that you are organizing. Before choosing where to book your event, you must […]

  • Instagram-worthy Vintage Cafés in Pampanga

    With this retro phenomenon, the vintage theme is seen almost anywhere, we bet, even on your very own Instagram post. Designers today have started infusing vintage designs for architectural structures and have joined the hype. We’d also like to wonder what is with ‘vintage’ that makes us all hyped about it. Vintage, as we all […]

  • Giant Lanterns to Light Up Again in Pampanga

    PAMPANGA—11 barangays will be joining this year’s Giant Lantern Festival; an annual Christmas competition in the City of San Fernando featuring 12-foot tall lanterns made by the locals. The organizers of the Giant Lantern Festival announced that there will be 11 participants in the 107thGiant Lantern Festival which will take place on December 19, 2015 […]

  • Misa de Gallo – A Christmas Tradition

    With the Philippines being under the Spanish rule for over 600 years, the colonizers have greatly influenced the Filipino people. Their biggest influence however is the Roman Catholic faith with millions of devotees practicing the religion. Besides observing Holy Week and Christmas, one of the most special religious events is the Misa de Gallo or […]

  • Christmas Season Pampanga Style

    Christmas is one of the most awaited and probably one of the longest celebrated holidays in the Philippines. In every province and town, homes are lit with Christmas lanterns, locally called as parols, Christmas trees are displayed even as early as September, and children roam the streets in the late afternoons to sing carols in […]

  • Angeles City’s Pyestang Apo

    Fiestas have long been part of the Filipino culture. As a Catholic dominated country, every town in the Philippines has fiestas in honor of the town’s patron saint. In Angeles City, one of the most celebrated fiestas is the Fiestang Apu Mamacalulu, or what is known to the locals as Pyestang Apo that happens every […]

  • Fiestang Kuliat: The Philippine’s Longest Fiesta

    Nobody in the country celebrates fiestas like the Kapampangans in Angeles City. The Fisetang Kuliat is not only grand, but is the longest fiesta in the country. Celebrated during the whole month of October, the Fiestang Kuliat is jam-packed with events and activities, such as three feast day celebrations, an epic street party, pageants, and […]