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  • Halloween All Over the World

    Halloween is the perfect time for a good scare but, aside from the fake blood, intricate costumes and sugar-coated sweets, it is a holiday that bears many versions of tradition from different countries. In the Philippines, it is a time for visiting deceased loved ones by lighting candles and offering flowers on their graves. The […]

  • Five (5) Oldest Buildings in Angeles City

    In 1976, Don Angel Pantaleon de Miranda and his wife, Doña Rosalia De Jesus searched far and wide for a new settlement. Upon seeing a land crawling with Culiat vines, they knew it was the ideal place to start a town— a town they then called after these abundant vines. Years later, Pantaleon de Miranda’s […]

  • Kulitan: The Ancient Kapampangan Alphabet

    Culture, Traditions 15/08/2018

    We, Kapampangans, take pride in our dialect so much so that we have even made viral Facebook posts about it. Buwan ng Wika is an occasion that encourages such pride— it is a time when Filipinos get together and celebrate a special aspect of our culture: language. In line with this, it is important to […]