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Instagram-worthy Vintage Cafés in Pampanga

With this retro phenomenon, the vintage theme is seen almost anywhere, we bet, even on your very own Instagram post. Designers today have started infusing vintage designs for architectural structures and have joined the hype.

We’d also like to wonder what is with ‘vintage’ that makes us all hyped about it. Vintage, as we all know, is elegant and classic, but more than that, the reason why people are probably fascinated about it is because it is quite nostalgic, it brings a feeling of being home and the theme itself is pleasing and comforting.

With pictures, however, it’s quite cool to have photos taken on places that are retro and vintage, yes? That’s why we, at PampangaDirectory.com, would like to give you a hint to where you would want to have you next Instagram post taken. You like that, we know.

Here in Pampanga, some of the restaurants have chosen the touch of vintage in their interior design and let us list down these restaurants that you might want to try visit.


Brick Café

Brick café is located in Greenfields, Sindalan. As the name of their restaurant suggests, it’s brick house-inspired that brings that nostalgic feeling through the designs. Its decors have mostly traditional elements mixed in, their walls are of distressed paint which all in all brings vintage atmosphere to the place.


Café Jungle

Café Jungle has that delightful ambiance through its classy decors and furnishings. Café Jungle has this environment that is conversation-friendly, peaceful and quiet which is suited for your next coffee date with your friends.



Elegance is what can be described with Figaro’s interior design. You will definitely feel home when you visit Figaro because of its classy and bright décors, and you won’t help but to take a photo of their place.


Green Kitchen

Their drive for healthy green food goes so well with the place’s interior design – peaceful, bright, nostalgic and classy. Every part of the restaurant is definitely Instagram-worthy with all their industrial and vintage themed interiors.


Mr. Cupcake Diner

Vintage style is definitely what is up on Mr. Cupcake Diner that will bring us back to the retro style dining experience. Mr. Cupcake Diner has these colorful vintage interiors and atmosphere that will definitely throw us back to the 50’s.


Teaspoon Café

A couple of minutes away from the center of Angeles City, Teaspoon Café is a vintage themed cafe.  a little corner with shabby chic interiors that begs to differ through their delightful menu with food that are picture perfect as well.

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