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Fiestang Kuliat: The Philippine’s Longest Fiesta

Nobody in the country celebrates fiestas like the Kapampangans in Angeles City. The Fisetang Kuliat is not only grand, but is the longest fiesta in the country.

Celebrated during the whole month of October, the Fiestang Kuliat is jam-packed with events and activities, such as three feast day celebrations, an epic street party, pageants, and loads of cultural and traditional festivities.

This month-long event was established in 1992 by the local government to venerate the patron saints of the city, preserve the local culture and tradition, as well as to celebrate the resiliency of the Kapampangans after the devastating calamity brought about by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991. The Fiestang Kuliat is believed to have helped the people rise up from desolation and also help the city’s economy progress with hundreds of people visiting Angeles during the fiesta.

Three Feast Days 

One of the things that make the Fiestang Kuliat unique is that the month-long festivities encompasses three feast days, namely, the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels (held every first week of October), La Naval festival (every second Sunday of October),  and the Fiestang Apo in honor of Apu Mamacalulu (every last Friday of October). During these feast days, the images are processioned along the streets of Angeles and several masses are held in the churches that are attended by hundreds of Catholic devotes.  

In 2014, the city also launched another activity dedicated to the Holy Guardian Angels called “Graci Angeles” that features performances from different performing arts of the city.

Tigtigan Terakan King Dalan

Besides the three feast days, one of the highlights of the Fiestang Kuliat is the Tigtigan Terakan King Dalan (TTKD) which is usually held every third weekend of October. Locals claim that TTKD is Angeles’ version of the Mardi Gras and Oktoberfest where locals and visitors alike enjoy two nights of music, dancing, and overflowing drinks in the 1.5 kiliometer stretch of Brgy. Balibago.

TTKD was established in the 90’s by City Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan to uplift the spirits of the Angeleňos after the Mount Pinatubo eruption.

 Other Activities

Other than the big four events during Fiestang Kuliat, some activities that usually take place every year are heritage and cultural activities such as a Kundiman presentation, Mamialung Tamu that showcases Kapampangan traditional games, an indigenous peoples festival, and a tour of the newly refurbished Angeles City Heritage District.

Being at the center of the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, a fiesta in Angeles City wouldn’t be complete without activities involving food. Every October, two food festivals are held in the city, namely, “Big Bite! Northern Food Festival” MarQuee Mall in Angeles, and “Pampangan Fiestang Kapampanga” at the Museo in Angeles where Kapampangan food, such as sisig, buro, and tibuk-tibuk are featured.  

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