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Wedding Photography in Pampanga – Part 2

The industry of wedding photography has now bloomed here in Pampanga. Photographers have as well progressed in the field. Pampanga now have a bunch of great photographers – people who do not only have the expertise but the passion as well in doing their job. That is why many couples, debutants, parents and families are indeed glad with the outcome of the photos they receive from their photographers.

If you are currently planning for your big day, no need to go any further because here in Pampanga we already have creative and passionate photographers and here’s a list


Raw, heartfelt emotions and vivid life experience is what they desire to capture in every event that they cover. They will surely make sure that your desired photos will be delivered for they do not believe in conformity. These are passionate people who are beyond willing to capture photos for your events.



Kquentors do not only excel with photography, they are actually inclined with film and videography as well since the owner himself is a Director. With their equipment that are top of the line, they make sure they deliver nothing but the best for their clients. They bring stories with the images that they capture.


Lifetouch Photography

They specialize not only with wedding but with infant, child, family and debut photography as well. They focus on providing professional services, bringing the highest level of client satisfaction. They create photoshoots that are interesting and unique – capturing life’s special moments.


Crismont Photography

One thing very distinctive with them is that every image is close with nature, since the owner himself is a destination photographer. They bring appealing and delightful photos and that are just lovely. Every couple will surely be satisfied with what they have to bring.


IMPrints Photo

Imprints Photo’s goal is to build trust and help their clients create and preserve memories. With their striking photographs, they indeed preserve memories with the photos they capture. For the love of this industry, they are continuously serving people to bring joy to every family and couple that they accommodate.


Studio Portraits

Studio Portraits provides elegant wedding photography services. With their style being trendy, their portfolio for wedding photos are bright and delightful which every couple will definitely love. They have a good eye for color, that’s why their photos are aesthetically pleasing.


Pixel Boom

Pixel Boom believes in enjoying with what they do as they learn. What started only as a photo booth business, Pixel Boom evolved now by providing more photography services. Their style varies from dramatic to documentary kind of wedding photography.


Creative Pixel

They are a contemporary photography business that offers various services that are tailored to every client’s need. Creative Pixel consider their field to not only produce just a photo, but a piece of art. Their team do believe in innovation, to keep up with the current trend.


For a list of Wedding Photographers in Pampanga, just visit this link. Pampanga Photographers


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