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Wedding Photography in Pampanga

Weddings are more than just events. With wedding photography, moments, emotions, and relationships are being captured. That’s why wedding photography is currently being saturated now with professional photographers because – beyond the trend – wedding photography is engaging.

Around the world, wedding photography is progressing as photographers thrive in excelling in their field of expertise more so, the art of wedding photography itself is currently advancing. Even here in Pampanga, a lot of photographers are now getting into wedding photography.

So, if you’re planning for your perfect wedding now, you must definitely choose somebody to help you with capturing moments with your once in a lifetime event.

We give you a list of some of the wedding photographers here in Pampanga:


Paolo Feliciano Photography

Paolo Feliciano is unlike other photographers; he doesn’t have a degree in photography nor has he attended any photography seminars. Yet, he excels in this field that he took. His technique that brings surreal and dreamy feeling to photos, weddings are a perfect fit with his kind of style.


MC Vision

As MC Vision specializes in wedding photography as they serve from Luzon and beyond. They provide films and other photography services. They have a unique way of enrapturing memorable moments and this is what they take pride with their works.


Edwin Pangilinan Photography

Edwin Pangilinan’s is engaged in a light and bright style that matches the mood of weddings more so to captivate emotions through his photos. However, he is versatile with various styles as well and he also renders various photography services.


Littrato Photography

Litratto Photography is more inclined with portraiture that depicts intimacy & romance. He has a certain style that focuses more on the couples while displaying their story through the photographs he capture.


Digital One Photography

Digital One photography doesn’t only offer wedding photo and video coverage, but photo booths as well. They capture the very part of your momentous gathering while stories are being untold with every photograph.


Boijorge Photo Studio

BoiJorge aims to help clients seize precious life moments, provide lasting quality memories and enhance the quality of life through their works. They cater professional indoor and outdoor services of quality photographs and videos for all occasions.


To find out more wedding photographers here in Pampanga, just visit this link.

To find out more wedding photo & video services here in Pampanga, just visit this link.

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