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Brgy. Saguin


City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines

Telephone Number

(0922) 882 6126

What started as an idea fused with our passion for the craft is the zeal to create and produce the most special moment in your life – we started this journey that inspires not just us, but everybody else with your wonderful stories.

Since day one, our dedication to the craft has given us satisfaction in capturing pure, raw, and heartfelt emotions and vivid life experiences. With your stories that inspire, we bridge the gap between classic visual storytelling and the modern day love story.

Aside from creativity, our energy is fueled by a consuming passion for creating the best images and memories in motion that will define the people behind the celebration for the coming generations to experience.

Vivid Creative Art Studio is not just a studio; we are a gathering of talented, idealistic, and ingenious photographers, videographers, and graphic artists who are all visionaries in making images come to life. With us, moments are made vivid …

Non-conformity is our middle name. It’s easy to find someone who will capture the big day, but not someone who will actually listen to you. If you want something done, don’t hesitate to tell us and we’ll make it happen.

Passion for the craft is what gets us going. We are not after the dough. What drives us is a vision for your story to be told in the best way possible. So we won’t charge you with a price that will surely spoil the moment without the need to compromise quality.

Your tale is what gets us started. We see possibilities when most do not. We get inspired by your stories so we make sure yours is portrayed in a classic and timeless way with details in mind, and the story at heart.

Our tradition is to listen to you. We have a bad habit of getting immersed in your stories. So don’t blame us for getting too nice. That’s just how we are. Every story is unique so we make sure our way is your way so there’s no reason for you to tell us exactly what you want.

  • Wedding Photography/Videography
  • Debut
  • Birthdays
  • Photoman & Insta Print
  • Anniversary
  • Pre-Debut
  • Aerial Photography/Videography
  • Events Photography/Videography
  • Corporate Shoot
  • Photobooth Rental