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Why Does a Business Needs Website?

Internet plays an integral part in our day to day lives. In today’s generation, most of us prefer to use our mobile phones and other gadgets when we’re searching for something. In the Philippines, Internet use continues to grow and about 58% of the total population have access with it, according to We Are Social Media 2017 as seen in the graph below.

Based on the report, the number of internet users in the Philippines has grown by 27% and most Filipinos spend their time online for 8 hours and 59 minutes every day, just simply doing some online activities, specifically product searching. So, if you’re a business owner, this simply means that your potential customers go online and you need to keep up with the trend.

If you have your own business, will it not be great if you’ll build your brand identity online? Don’t you think it’s a good idea if you will invest into something that can help your product and services be recognized by a vast number of people? In today’s time, there are a lot of ways on how can a business promote its products and services through online advertisements. One of these is having your own website. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a website.

1. Gain online presence 24/7

A website gives 24/7 access to your business! If you don’t have a website, a normal business cannot answer queries or concerns especially if it is beyond working hours. But with a website, there are automated procedures where inquiries, payments, technical assistance and customer service can easily be addressed without a need of a person to attend your concerns. Moreover, most companies have their website and you don’t want your potential customers to look for your competitors, right?

2. Serves as online showroom of your products and services

Everything that a user is looking for should be provided on your website. Your company background, services offered, contact information, opening hours, map location, and contact forms to answer inquiries and concerns from your potential customers.

NOTE: Every detail must be included so that your customers can’t miss out any important information!

3. Attain credibility

Having a website makes your business credible because it shows that you are committed on what you offer and will let your customers feel that you are legit and well established.  Furthermore, having an easy to use, well-organized and a good quality website will make customers feel secure and comfortable using your services.

4. Faster accessibility

Since most of the people today are hooked up on the Internet, they can easily look for you! Imagine if don’t have your own website, you have to turn down customers during closing hours.  But, you don’t have to close doors for your website.  Anytime and anywhere people can easily have access to your website, they don’t need to go to your store directly, instead, they will look for your products and services on your website first.  With this, it will be less hassle and time consuming on their part.

5. Improve productivity

With the help of a website, it will help your company increase its productivity. You don’t have to explain in full details about your company background and products and services over and over again. Through your website, all the information needed is provided 24 hours a day. With this, you can be a lot more efficient and productive on your work!

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