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Top 10 Affordable Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Dads come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is their unconditional love for their family.  In the Philippines, the father is the strongest foundation of any household—he is the family protector and the one who will always have our backs in times of trouble.

For everything our Fathers have done for us, they truly deserve our love and appreciation. What better way to say it than with a gift? Surprise your “old man” with these affordable gift recommendations:

10. Beard Groomers

Growing some beard is becoming a fad; but your old man will have to keep it neat and smart. Get him a bottle of beard shampoo and his inner caveman will be satisfied.

Bear Groomers


9. Swiss Army Knife

What is it about swiss army knives that get men all excited? I think the answer is on the knife itself.

Swiss Knife


8. Freshly-brewed Coffee

Give him a mug of coffee before going to work and it’s already a great day to be alive! A simple but very thoughtful gesture for the one who has dedicated his life in giving a good life to his family.

Brewed Coffee


7. Shaving Kit

Sometimes, the caveman feels has to go. Take care of his skin with a box full of shaving necessities as they sometimes get too busy to be meticulous in choosing the more skin-friendly ones.

Shaving Kit


6. 70’s Hits Album

Send him back to the good old days with this staple 70s album—he’ll surely feel nostalgic.

70s Hits Album


5. Neck Tie

Make him feel more confident by getting him a classy necktie fit for formal occasions.



4. Statement Shirts

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by tickling his funny bones with statements like ‘World’s Okayest Dad’ or ‘Ain’t no Hood like Fatherhood’? Be creative and have him laugh at hilarious yet meaningful statements.

Statement Shirts


3. Inspirational Novel

If your dad is into reading, nothing will make him happier than a must-read and inspirational novel. Check out the latest paperbacks for your voracious reader.

Inspirational Novel


2. Beer Holders

Where is he supposed to put all that beer while watching a basketball game with his old buddies? Get him a beer holder and they’re all set for a session of basketball games and beer.

Beer Holders


1. Socks

He can never have too many socks. Get him a nice comfy pair for Father’s Day!



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