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Wedding Flower Ideas You Must Try

Your big day comes in your life once, let your wedding be something new and fresh. Try these floral arrangement ideas at your event.

All White Floral Arrangement

For your event styling, you may try using various elements for depth and composition. All-white setup is neat and elegant making your wedding classy as it should be.

Petal Aisle (instead of red carpet)

For garden or beach weddings, it is quite a hassle to use carpet for your pathway. Sprinkle petals along the aisle to spice up and make your wedding more romantic. You may also try hanging flowers on chairs that are along the aisle.

Floating Florals

Some weddings prefer clubhouses as their event hall and most of these clubhouses do have swimming pools. Having a floating floral arrangement on the swimming pool may even add up further the styling of your wedding and may also utilize the use of the swimming pool as an added decoration for your event.

Hanging Flower Arrangements

Usually, flower arrangements are placed on tables, aisles, or backdrops. However, you may also try placing them above tables and hang them. This is quite something unconventional but is something you want to try. Instead of placing centerpieces, try to put hanging flower arrangements, it doesn’t just save space on tables, it’s also nice to have a flower chandelier to even pump up your event setup for the styling to not be bare.

Fruit Accents

We have already seen this kind of arrangement from Blooms2710 Events & Styling and they do it in events that they style. It’s quite something new to infuse fruits in designs because it will bring that tropical touch in the flower arrangements. Citruses, grapes, and other fruits that are easy to infuse may be added to your arrangements. This fruit accent may be done in centerpieces on tables, buffet table, and floral arrangements on the aisle.

Ombré Table Runner

The ombré theme is a trend now, so if your wedding is ombré -themed you might want to try this kind of floral arrangement. Try something new and create a runner with the flower arrangements with colors that gradually blends from one color hue to another, moving shades from light to dark. 

Mini Floral Crown

Flower crowns are currently popular nowadays, but why not try having your flower girls and bridesmaid wear a flower crown to bring that dainty vibe.

Fresh Flowers on Cake

Cake flowers are a thing now for shabby chic and dainty themed weddings. Here in Pampanga, Caking Giant has already done this on several of their cake orders. More than bringing a new way to design your cake, this style may also blend well with your wedding’s theme by placing flowers on your cake.

Flower Backdrop

A flower backdrop is an arrangement from the floor to the ceiling that is filled with flowers. This setup may bring a different vibe on your own wedding since it’s the center of the ceremony. More so, the photos will look perfect because of the floral background.

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