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SunStar Pampanga features PampangaDirectory.Com

SunStar Pampanga, as the only daily newspaper in Pampanga that covers news from the four districts of the province, featured PampangaDirectory.com in their Business section last June 15, 2016.

Sunstar Pampanga dubbed PampangaDirectory.com as the pioneer and only dominant online business directory, as well as the only innovating organization of search solutions in Pampanga.

PampangaDirectory.com desires to uplift the industry and provide the community with a go­to place online so that when they are searching for a specific product or service, they know where to find it—through PampangaDirectory.com. Such step of enhancing the online presence of businesses in Pampanga will then optimally help these local businesses grow.

PampangaDirectory.com is indeed pleased to be featured in a local newspaper because this attribution does not only promote the website itself, but also the advocacy of PampangaDirectory.com in uplifting and supporting businesses here in the province, as well as bringing the community closer through its platform.

“Our  advocacy  is  to  bring  the  community  closer  by  helping  consumers  find  what  they  are  looking  for online  and  at  the  same  time  help  businesses  on  their  drive  for  online  presence  empowerment,” ­  Roy Cruz, Managing Director


PampangaDirectory.com bringing the community closer

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