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A Mother’s Love: Then and Now

The way she held you in her arms the first time she saw you. The way she smiled while looking with awe at your face. The way she read bedtime stories making you feel fairy-tales are true. The way she sang lullabies until you fall asleep… How she wakes up at 4am to prepare your breakfast before going to school. The way she waves goodbye saying “Get home safely, darling!” How she supports you in all your school activities telling you she’s proud of you. And no matter how tired she is after a long day from work, she never forgets asking how your day was and if you want something to eat. How she makes you feel that everything will fall into place just by saying, “Don’t worry darling, mom is here.”

Then and now, nothing has changed. Her unconditional love, her voluntary sacrifices, her selfless care, her undying patience and her endless compassion – all of it is always there.

No one can stop her crying if her child has gone astray. No one can stop her from showing how she is delighted from all her child’s achievements. In different situations, she will always be there. When you are starting to build your own career, in the middle of an argument, at the peak of your success, especially in life-and-death situation – she is always there. She may not always be physically present but the soul of her voice and the warmth of her touch kept you going. No matter how long it may take, and no matter how far it may be, she continues to guide you until you become the person you always wanted to be.

Days, months or years may have passed, it will still be the same. From your tantrums when you were a preschooler to your first heartbreak as a teenager, from your endless whining and countless complaints, from being carefree to ill-tempered attitude, she is there always, in all ways. Nothing can compare to the unending love of a mother for it will be engraved in our hearts forever.

This mother’s day celebration, let’s give tribute to our dear mothers who have taught us to discover and explore ourselves, who have shown us the greatest examples of life experiences, who gave us the source of strength in the middle of our downfalls, who accepted us for who we are, and most especially, who showered us with infinite love. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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