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We were not prepared to see you leave that day.  We did not expect that you would leave that soon.  You left us in rage.  You left us crying for justice.  You left us thinking only of revenge for that heartless man who left you defenseless with seven bullets in your body.

For seven years, we were on the lookout for that man.  For seven years, we prayed that he will be put behind bars.  For seven years, we dread for the day that we will come face to face with him.  Until three years ago.  Finally, justice was served.  Not in a silver platter.  But it was served.  It was enough for us to see him being guarded by the police in court.  It was enough for us to receive the decision finding him guilty for taking your life.

We did not have an easy life.  We almost live from day to day.  We live by what is left with your salary, along with mother’s meager income.  You were a strict father to us.  You discipline us with an iron hand.  You fill our ears with your nagging when you find something wrong in the way we do things at home.  You don’t express your concern for us with loving words.

But then, I believe, all of those things made us stronger and better individuals.  I think, your being strict made us into disciplined individuals that we are now today.  I think all those experiences inspired us to strive in our studies earning us the degree which has become our passport to a good future.  I believe you have brought us up well, as we were ready to face life.

For sure, you are happy watching us today.  I am sure that you are one of the two proudest persons seeing who and what the seven of us have become.   I am sure that if only you were here with us, you would tirelessly tell your friends about our accomplishments.

It is during these days when I wish you were here with us.  I know that you are aware that you have ACCOMPLISHED your MISSION but I want to see your face as you watch your grandkids showing their antics.  I want to see your smile as we jokingly throw rude remarks about each other’s looks (and it always ends up with the youngest declaring that she is the prettiest).  I want to hear you talking to your friends about what the seven of us are doing now.  I want to post a photo of you eating dinner with us in a seafood restaurant.  I want to share a bottle of beer with you (as I am old enough to do such) during Christmas, New Year, on your Birthday, and Today.

Dad, you are deeply missed and lovingly remembered, especially today.   Happy Father’s Day to you, there in heaven.

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