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Check out the Best Florists of Pampanga

You don’t want your wedding ceremony or even your reception to look dull or lifeless. So, what you must be looking for now is a wedding florist, because what’s a wedding without flowers?

Flowers bring flavor in any kind of event setting, they brighten and beautify the atmosphere of any gathering. Without the flowers, the place may be look a little gloomy. That is why every bride must put her florist on her priority list when organizing the wedding.

Here in Pampanga we have a lot of florists that provide various floral arrangements. Here, we give you a list of the best florists in Pampanga:


Plumeria by Pancho Pantig

Plumeria by Pancho Pantig has been running for a long time now. They are now well experienced in the field of Floristry and event styling. With their expertise through gained experience, Plumeria by Pancho Pantig has mastered various styles and themes for weddings and other events that will surely beautify your wedding.


Villa-Rosa By Aida Lazatin

Villa Rosa promises works that are beyond the usual, which will satisfy every client that they serve. They always try not to duplicate any two works, which makes every work unique. Their primary inspiration for their works is the nature itself that brings an element of nature in any occasion that they serve.


Country blossoms

Country blossoms excel in floral arrangement. They are able to boost the atmosphere of any event setup through their good taste in color scheme and style choice. With a touch of other elements, they enhance the beauty of their floral arrangement.


Rolly & Jessica Flowers

Rolly & Jessica Flowers has been committed since 1982 to deliver service that fits your style and needs for flower arrangements. They provide every kind of wedding floral arrangements from bridal bouquets, aisle flowers & even reception event styling.


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