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Back-to-School Tipid Tips

Summer is over! Another wonderful and exciting school year is about to start.

One thing that students look forward to is reuniting with their classmates, getting-to-know new ones and meeting new professors. More so, they are excited to use their newly-purchased school materials.

This is the time to prepare again all the things needed for an enjoyable and fruitful school year, primarily school uniforms and school supplies. It also requires some expenses on the part of the parents.

But then, back-to-school preparations should not always involve endless expenses in buying school stuff. One can minimize expenses through some back-to-school shopping “tipid” tips:

1. Go with the old (Re-use and Recycle)
Borrow books from your ates and kuyas if they have the same book as yours. Be resourceful! You can also use your old school bag. To make it look new and fancy, do some DIY’s like putting beads, sequins and other design crafts to make it more personal and artistic. It is just a matter of creativity and resourcefulness.

2. Check for back-to-school promos
Take advantage of these promotions! Most stores offer back-to-school deals so check the magazines, newspapers, online sites and social media networking sites for announcements. Back-to-school shopping season is not yet over so hurry and go to your favorite stores now.

3. Do compare prizes when shopping
Don’t stick with just one store to complete your school requirements! Check various stores within the same vicinity and make a comparison before making a purchase. This is a great help for you to get the best deals. However, it is not advisable to try different stores in different and distant locations because this may only lead to costly transportation fees.

4. Have a list of your back- to-school stuff
This will help you remember the things you need to buy on the day of your shopping. You need to prepare it ahead of time as well. When you go shopping, stick on your list and buy only what is necessary.

5. Check out the quality of the product
Bear in mind that it should be quality over quantity. Buy school materials with good quality so that it can be used for a longer period. You will only be wasting your money if you spend it on materials that need frequent replacement.

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