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An Open Letter to the Best Father

Dad, I wanted to thank you for providing us everything that you have and everything that you can. All the things that you made, all the love that you gave, all these will never be replaced. At times when I feel down and blue, you’re just there to help me out.

I still remember that day, when you told that “whatever happens, dad will always be here”. At that moment, I felt everything will fall into place just because you said so.

Thank you for helping me deal with my problems, especially when I’m at the peak of giving up. Thank you for making feel loved and special, at times when I feel no one is there to cheer me up.

You taught me a lot of things about myself that I have never learned when I was alone. You taught me to become a better person every single day and help me out in every possible way.

Thank you for showering us with infinite love and fulfilling all our needs. Thank you for picking me up in the middle of the night just for me to get home safely. Thank you for giving me advice that I can best apply in my day to day life. Thank you for the never-ending support with all the challenges I face and all the achievements I made.

Dad, I just want you to know that, I’m really beyond grateful and blessed to have you as my father. You deserve a never-ending reward from all the sacrifices you’ve done to me and to our family. You deserve all the love and appreciation, you deserve more than just a “thank you” with all the efforts you made just for us to live a good life.

Dad, thank you for leading me the way to a better and fruitful life. Thank you for always reminding that everything is going to be fine, with just a simple hug from you.

Dad, I may not always show you how much I love you, but always remember that I will never leave your side. I may not always show how much I care, but always remember I’ll be the one to hold your hand always and forever.

Dad, there is this one thing that I really wanted to say… I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and Thank you for everything! You will always be my first love!

Your forever little girl

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