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2nd Floor Rosas Bldg. Mac Arthur Highway, Balibago


Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines

Telephone Number

(045) 458 3604

About Us

M.D. Korea Language Tutorial Center Inc. (MDKLTC) is a tutorial and review center for Korean Language. It has earned a name for itself having a high passing rate in Employment Permit System – Test on Proficiency in Korean(EPS-TOPIK) regulated by POEA.

Humble Beginnings

MDKLTC was founded in 2013 by the couple Mr. Petrolino L. Odroña, a Technical Engineer; and Michelle L. Molina, a Korean language trainer. MDKLTC started its operation in a small rented place in Dagupan – with only 3 chairs to accommodate students. It has grown and is now providing alternative learning of Korean Language in Dagupan, Pangasinan, Angeles City, La Union and Palawan.

Commitment to Help

Credits to the kind-hearted couple whose philosophy in life is, “As long as your goal is to help people, you will succeed.” For over four years, MDKLTC has able to help over a hundred of individuals in fulfilling their dreams and changing their lives for the better.

It is MDKLTC ‘s commitment to help every individual who set foot in their tutorial center to fulfill their dreams – thus their slogan “Your Dreams, Our Commitment”. The founders have the kindest of heart to offer help to those who are in need in any way they can; sometimes even beyond their means. This was already evident even before the tutorial center was founded. When she was a trainer, Michelle constantly offered her assistance to help her students pass the exam by spending extra hours with them for an in-depth review, tips and encouragements.

Forging Ties

The success of MDKLTC can also be attributed to the culture of the tutorial center. Every student is treated as family. MDKLTC is always there every step of the way – from training, review, filing of documents and even until the student is already in Korea. It is with great joy for the founders of the MDKLTC to receive expressions of gratitude from their students and their family. In fact, the growth of the MDKLTC is mostly because of referrals.

Whenever someone is struggling with the training the team put extra effort to uplift the students’ morale to improve the student’s self-esteem and eventually catch-up with the training. From a shy-type person, Michelle is a testimony of how an individual struggle for having a low self-esteem. Channeling her past experiences into something fruitful has made her an effective Head Trainer of MDKLTC.

The MDKLTC team is one hundred percent product of the tutorial center itself. In fact, some of the trainers and staffs are former students of the center who either have had worked in Korea or waiting for a job offer.

Guaranteed Success

MDKLTC maintains the quality of its training in all branches by carefully assessing its trainers. The founders conduct the final interview for every graduating student. Students must pass the interview before they can receive their certificate. Mr. Odroña also shares his expertise in training the students who will work in the technical field.

Currently, students who enrolled are entitled to attend the training sessions repeatedly if deemed necessary. Their entitlement will last until the age of 37. This is part of the commitment of MDKLTC to make sure that the students’ efforts and money are not put into waste. As one of their consultants once said, “Open your mind, change the way you think and act on it.”


To provide alternative learning of Korean Language EPS-TOPIK for the purpose of promoting adaptation of Korean life by leading the entrance of foreign workers and evaluates the level of Korean language skills.


To achieve the best, competitive and effective Korean Language Tutorial Center by continuously improving the Competency Based Learning System and continued commitment of the management, staff and trainees. By promoting the highest professionalism and personal development.


We are the the recipient of Golden Globe Annual Awards as:

  3. National Product Excellence Award as " BEST KOREAN LANGUAGE TUTORIAL CENTER"
  4. Philippine Award as" Best Costumer Choice"
  5. International Management Excellence Award
  • Basic Korean Language
  • Korean Language Conversation
  • Standard EPS-TOPIK TEXTBOOK 2015
  • Revised EPS-TOPIK TEXTBOOK 2013
  • KLT (Korean Language Test) Review
  • Skilled Test Review ( after passing the KLT exam)
  • Korean Factory Work
  • EPS-Topik Process
  • TESDA School
  • Tutorial School
  • Conduct Free Orientation
  • South Korea Work
  • Unlimited Assistance on POES-HRD Korea
  • POEA Korea
  • POEA Factory
  • Korean Learning Center
  • Korean Skill Test Review
  • Fully Air-conditioned Training Room
  • Free Teaser Course

Arellano Dagupan City

Address: Beside Nepomall Carpark Exit


Address: 3rd flr. Cuison Bldg. San Jose Drive Alaminos City, Pangasinan


Address: 2nd flr., Rosas Bldg. Mc Arthur High way Balibago, Angeles City Pampanga

La Union

Address: 2nd Flr. Soto Bldg., Brgy. Sevilla National High way , San Fernando City , La Union


Address: 2nd flr., Billy Burg Bldg., Tiniguiban, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan