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1056 P. De Duzman St. Claro M Recto


Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines

Telephone Number

(045) 304 4009



Our school was established last 2005 and is duly registered at the Security and Exchange Commission. Our founder is Mr. Mervin S. San Jose an educator and with Montessori Certification. His dreams to put up a Preschool that will cater to both regular and special children have been in his heart for so long. Later on, that preschool level evolved and grew in numbers and inevitably paved way for him to open up an Elementary and Junior High School level with Inclusion Program for Child with Special Needs. We have our DepEd Government Recognition in both Preschool and Elementary Level. While in our Junior High School level we already have a Permit to Operate.


We exist to provide quality and accessible education to all students with emphasis on Christian Character achieving academic excellence. The school seeks to reach out also to students with Special Needs as well through our Inclusion Program. We want to provide an environment that nurtures sound spiritual, physical, mental and developmental needs.


Our school recognizes each individual differences of the child. Our desire is to develop your children’s God-given potential in all facets of life. The school believes that the curriculum must build the child’s natural interest and tendencies and teaching method should be tailored to the individual interest of the child.


  • To give children learning experiences related to their real needs during the critical stage of their development thus building the foundation of a lifetime of creative learning.
  • To foster love for learning and to encourage self-motivation, self-confidence, self-reliance and personal competence.
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