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Unit B, Pacla Building A, McArthur Hi-Way, Dolores


City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines

Telephone Number

(045) 435 9602

About the Company

Xbuilt Construction is an established design and construction company in the heart of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines. Since its conception in 2013, Xbuilt Construction has already created a variety of residential and commercial structures in different parts of the country. We are one of the trusted residential and commercial designers as well as builders in Central Luzon for over 4 years.

We have stayed strong and stable in business because we value one thing above all others – our Clients’ satisfaction. We are also dedicated to providing innovative design and construction solutions in Pampanga and its nearby provinces. We firmly believe that what we do and design for you is as important as how we do it.

Every one of our projects is custom-designed based on your needs and comfort. Regardless of the project size, we will be able to provide you a concept plan and estimate at a very competitive price.

Our Philosophy

  • Develop cost-effective and high quality design and construction services
  • Maintain high standard of quality as well as performance all through our practice
  • Work closely with clients to better understand their needs as well as easily achieve them
  • Build unique and effective building design solutions
  • Ensure construction system a collaborative effort between Xbuilt Construction and the client
  • Observe the highest standards of reliability and integrity at all times

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver innovative, consistent, and dependable solutions where quality must exceed the demands of the client and the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and construct homes and buildings with consideration not only to the client’s budget but also to their needs and the needs of the environment.

Our Objectives

  • To inspire potential clients to understand their objectives and needs better
  • To provide specialized tasks which includes designing, drafting, estimating, as well as giving all necessary building construction services
  • To anticipate the client’s needs thus instituting better and quality services through enhanced construction project management
  • To keep a collaborative approach with our clients as well as achieve satisfactory value by progressive building designs and construction
  • To observe the premier standards of integrity at all times

Our Approach

Xbuilt Construction’s approach to business is a distinctive hands-on involvement with our clients thus allowing us to relay even the tiniest details or inquiries on the spot.

We firmly believe that what we do and design for you is as important as how we do it. This makes it easier for us to complete our projects on a timely manner and well within the budgets allocated to us.

Our dedication for customer satisfaction has allowed us to gain the trust of different clients from all over the country. And it goes without saying that our clients will experience a total peace of mind when dealing with us.

Our Profile

Xbuilt Construction is a wholly owned design and construction company that believes in “hands-on” method by establishing involvement in all areas of design and construction.

With our highly dedicated and focused in-house team of qualified building construction architects, designers, and engineers, we have the skill as well as the expertise to design and construct buildings to any size and design criteria. Each and every one of our projects are conceptualized by us due to our competitive pricing, problem solving skills, as well as guaranteed completion timelines.

Our Expertise

In Xbuilt Construction, our line of expertise and services include, but may not be limited to:

  • Mid- to High-End Residential Design and Construction
  • Interior Design
  • Modular Cabinets
  • Interior Fit out

Our People

Xbuilt Construction is comprised of skilled professionals from different fields. We always ensure that only the best people handle your concerns and needs. Our main office employs:

  • Architect John Vincent Manuntag, Owner and Principal Architect
  • Aileen C. Calma, Junior Architect
  • Jennalyn M. Sula, Junior Architect
  • Angellee Faith C. Calma, Junior Architect
  • Jean B. Madronio, Junior Architect
  • Angelica D. Lam, Junior Architect
  • Design Services
  • Design and Build Services
  • Construction Services
  • Interior Designs
  • Project Management
  • Architectural Consultation
  • General Contractors
  • Constructions Contractors
  • Architectural Design
  • Architectural Drawing
  • Architectural Plan
  • Design Constructions
  • Modern Architecture
  • Electro Mechanical Services