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7111 Mc. Arthur Highway, Talimundok, Dau


Mabalacat City, Pampanga, Philippines

Telephone Number

(0925) 852 2511


VISONDYNA MANPOWER GENERAL SERVICES (VMGS) was founded on July 15, 2003 by its owner VICTOR D. CASTRO and his friends. Full ownership of the company was transferred to MR. CASTRO on December, 2005. Since then, under his good leadership and management, VMGS has stood to its objectives of offering better job opportunities to the society and maintaining the highest standard of quality service.

Company Profile

VISONDYNA Manpower General Services provides human resources in manufacturing, retail, semi-conductors and electronic industry with over 12 years. Its head office is located at 7111 McArthur Hiway, Talimundok, Dau, Mabalacat City, Pampanga, 2010.

VMGS creates value for our employees and deliver excellent service to meet the client’s needs across all sectors, small medium-sized enterprises, local and multinational companies.

Screening and assessment of applicants go through our company standard criteria.

VMGS complies with all the laws as mandated in labor code including contribution remittances to government agencies.


Promotes and nurture service excellence That would build and maintain customer satisfaction.


Continuing the legacy for Politeness, Commitment and Excellent Service we provide.

Competitive Edge

  • VMGS is committed in providing excellent service both to our employees and clients.
  • To achieve satisfaction from our clients, we make sure that our employees are being taken care also.
  • Happy Employees = Customer Satisfaction

Our Valued Clients

  • Yokohama Tire Phils. Inc.
  • Fuji Plastic Industry, Inc.
  • Poongsan Semiconductor Microtech (Phils.)
  • Dornier Technology
  • Oro-oxygen Corporation
  • Reliability and Confidence Gas Corp.
  • Phoenix Global Energy, Inc.
  • Meisei Electric Phils.inc.
  • Zenith LPG Trading
  • MD Express Hauling Comp.
  • Pila Realty Corp.
  • Don Bosco Academy
  • Triumph Technologies
  • ICS - ICT Support Services Corporation
  • Aderans Philippines, Inc.
  • Digiworx Computer and Office Solutions, Inc.
  • Oceana Oil
  • Central Oil
  • Maharajah Hotel
  • Janitors
  • Gardeners
  • Houskeeping
  • Drivers
  • Production Operators
  • Semi-Conductors
  • Forklift Operators
  • Skilled Factory Workers
  • Cashiers
  • Sales Personnel
  • Promodisers
  • Baggers / Helpers
  • LPG Refiller / Weighter
  • Administrative Clerks
  • Accounting Clerks
  • Human Resource Clerks
  • Office Clerks
  • Receptionist