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Saint Matthew Street, St. Francis Village, Dolores


City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines

Telephone Number

(045) 4021280

TRUE VALUE is a young company capable of designing and construction of residential projects and low to medium rise vertical projects. We have the right and sufficient equipment for small to medium projects. We believe that the quality of our work also relies from the quality of our personnel. We are deeply concerned with the good welfare of our personnel and that they are properly compensated.

We always challenge ourselves to deliver to the client more than what they expect, our actual work should always be better than what the client perceives from the conceptual perspective we initially present.

Satisfying our clients is always the best reward. Financial gain is just a reward of good work. Our company makes sure we always invest on tools, equipment, & training from our profit, for the growth of our company.


To deliver to clients more than what they would expect from our designs, and structures. And ultimately uplift the value of clients’ properties.


To build for the Filipino families houses and building sufficiently designed and fitted for comfortable living, exceeding minimum requirements of the building code.


TRUE VALUE DESIGNERS & BUILDERS is a young company, solely owned and operated by Arch. Harold Jeremiah B. Reyes. In 2009, while working in an AAA construction company, Arch. Harold B. Reyes started accepting design works at from referrals. The middle of 2011 saw the first project of Arch. Harold while still working, and with the blessings of his former employer. And in 2011, TRUE VALUE DESIGNERS & BUILDERS was legally registered as a business. Since then, the company had delivered services in diverse disciplines- design, design & build, repair works, and remodeling works.

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