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City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines

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Simplify processes in one integrated platform through POSit. Run your entire business with a smart interface POS system anytime, anywhere╶─ ensuring accurate sales and inventory reports in real-time, receive automatic notification when stocks are running out, manage end-day-reports in an instant, get fast and reliable real-time data, and manage your whole business in one powerful system. Keep your business up and running through POS it!


Record sales transactions and history with a flexible POS interface. Manage your sales and integrate all the features you need across multiple channels in one comprehensive platform through order management. POSit ensures to speed-up and elevate your sales process that helps you achieve smooth business operations.


Manage your inventory in real-time using either FIFO, LIFO or AVCO method. Review the quantity of products on hand for your inventory items which will help you easily keep track of all the products that might be missing or running out. Get complete visibility and take control over product movement, orders, and stock levels with effective inventory management.


Organize and record all your purchases from different suppliers through POSit. With this feature, it can help you choose your suppliers based on profit and value. Directly access complete supplier information and minimize financial loss by recording your entire purchase history. Create precise, coherent, and dynamic purchasing decisions through POSit.


Monitor your cash flow in real-time using POSit comprehensive Profit and Loss Report. Keep an eye on your business performance at the moment you need them ─ whenever, wherever. Get accurate and detailed reports on items sold, total sales, and cash flow in one integrated system. Acquire actionable business insights with our precise reporting and analytics.


Simple and easy to use dashboard that lets you manage all your data at a glance. Get immediate information and details of your business’ performance with an intuitive and flexible dashboard. Monitor your business’ daily activities and simplify all your data into more manageable visual information which helps you assess the ups and downs of your business.


Easily manage your system with the right modules you need for your business. Effectively manage your business transactions in-store, online or wherever you go with an organized and precise POS system. Experience an hassle-free setup, manage and take full control of your business anytime, anywhere.