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Mac Arthur Highway Dolores


City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines

Telephone Number

(045) 649 2489



Being born out of meat vendor parents, Evelyn D. Regala worked at a very young age and was well familiar with hustle and hard work at the everyday market place. Eventually marrying a meat vendor, she and her late husband established their own hog and chicken dealing business in 1986. Being her way of life, she knows each cut and the freshness she wouldn’t compromise.

Twenty five (25) years later, and two (2) years after her husband passed away, an opportunity of opening a local Kampampangan restaurant came. She thought that this would be a chance to showcase the local cuisine while serving only the freshest local ingredients at the most affordable cost. Through this, she also aims to continuously support her partners (employees) and the community.


Located in the heart of City of San Fernando, City Grill and Restaurant has served local food and offered fun Family Karaoke experience to Fernandinos and tourists in Pampanga.

Our restaurant prides itself on its locally sourced and great tasting Kapampangan cuisine simply served for comfort and affinity! Among our best sellers are the Combo Craze and Boodle Fight and never visit without our famous Crispy Pata Kare Kare.

Our restaurant also provides fun bonding experience for families and friends through our Family KTV Rooms which houses quality equipments and up to date music to make each visit a moment to remember.

We also offer in house or outside venue catering services for your occasions.


In God’s grace, we will aim for ultimate customer satisfaction and shall transform City Grill & Restaurant to become the best home of fun and laughter for family and friends providing excellent food service and Family KTV experience in the City of San Fernando by 2020.


To achieve this,

We shall:

  1. Exceed customer expectations by being proactive and responsive in providing customer service
  2. Source and serve local and fresh ingredients to serve great tasting food
  3. Keep Karaoke songs and equipments up to date, maintain restaurant equipments and provide comfortable ambiance to customers
  4. Continuously improve products and services by embracing current trends and customer preferences
  5. Making our employees empowered through relevant trainings/seminars
  6. Being socially responsible through participation community service of our government, awareness and compliance with food safety standards, occupational health and safety standards, and environmental laws and regulations.
  • American (Traditional) Cuisines
  • Filipino Cuisines
  • Boodle Fight
  • Grilled Food
  • Barbeque
  • Combo Meals
  • Grilled Steaks
  • Pasta & Noodles
  • Sandwiches & Salads
  • Sizzling Food
  • KTV Rooms
  • Function Rooms
  • Catering Services
  • Party Pans
  • Food Pans
  • Duplex Double Deal
  • Talk of the Town
  • City Combo Craze