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Strategies to Make Your Sales Presentation Standout

Your main goal in presenting your product is to educate the target market about your product or service and it can affect their lives.  One very important thing to consider then is how you will present it to them in a way to make them convinced to buy or avail of your product or service.

Well, here are some tips and strategies on how you can make your product or service stand out in your sales presentation:

1. Your presentation should be relevant to your target audience

Your presentation must show specific points on how your product or service will be useful to your target customers. You must show how you can give exact solutions to their specific problem. Make sure that every key slide must appeal to them or relate to their situation.

2. Build a connection between your product/service and your potential customer

In presenting a product or service, it is more appealing if you are going to “feed’ your prospective client with the actual product rather than just by “telling” them about it. If it is a physical product give them a sample product in order for them to examine it in detail. If it is a software product, present a demo video on how your product works.  Moreover, during your presentation, remember to discuss the benefits of your products; not the features.

3. Get to the point

Some presentations usually start with a long-winded discussion before it gets to the main point. That is no longer appealing these days.  You need to be specific, concise and straightforward. Then you need to highlight in your presentation which things will be beneficial to your target audience.  It will be helpful too to use key points in your presentation.

4. Create a persona 

Be more imaginative and creative in your presentation.   Leave a mark to make your potential customers recall your product easily. You may start your presentation by putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience.  You also need to think about the different types of buyers or customers whom you will likely deal with. You may come up with a situational story, conversational theme, and the like. Through this, your product becomes more engaging and interesting.

5. Believe in your product or service

When you discuss your product’s solutions, you need to look into your voice, the way you stand, and the way you deliver your message.  While doing such, do you get more animated and energetic? Does your voice display excitement and enthusiasm? Does your body language portray confidence and trust? If not, you need to practice and master your presentation in order to appear smart before your audience.  Bear in mind that you yourself should be excited and confident about your product. It is one key to make your prospective clients patronize your product.

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