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Zone 2, Ramar Village


City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines

Telephone Number

(045) 455 4981

About Us

CrossFit Cabalen established 2015.

We are the first affiliate box that opened in Pampanga Philippines. We’ve opened our doors people who simply wanted to become healthier and fitter. Our community has been strengthened not just by our hands-on and dedicated coaches/owners/staff but also because of our flexible yet solid programming that allows anyone from different physical conditions and present capabilities to be able to workout and get the best of each day at the box.

We keep our goals simple:

  • We make sure that we cater to the general public with utmost care and sufficiency.
  • We treat everyone like family and we build our community on that note which is the “core strength” of our box.
  • Crossfit Foundation Class
  • Crossfit Intro Class
  • Regular WOD
  • Coaches' WOD
  • Skills WOD
  • Gym
  • Physical Fitness Center
  • Bootcamp for Kids