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    Events 18/06/2017

    We were not prepared to see you leave that day.  We did not expect that you would leave that soon.  You left us in rage.  You left us crying for justice.  You left us thinking only of revenge for that heartless man who left you defenseless with seven bullets in your body. For seven years, […]

  • An Open Letter to the Best Father

    Events 18/06/2017

    Dad, I wanted to thank you for providing us everything that you have and everything that you can. All the things that you made, all the love that you gave, all these will never be replaced. At times when I feel down and blue, you’re just there to help me out. I still remember that […]

  • Valuing Independence

    Events 11/06/2017

    June 12 in one popular day in the Philippine calendar because it bears great significance in the lives of Filipino people. It is the “day” where Filipinos had finally gain independence from Spain after being colonized for 400 years. Back in 1998, thousands of people assembled in Kawit, Cavite to witness the symbolic gesture of […]

  • Back-to-School Tipid Tips

    Insights & Tips 07/06/2017

    Summer is over! Another wonderful and exciting school year is about to start. One thing that students look forward to is reuniting with their classmates, getting-to-know new ones and meeting new professors. More so, they are excited to use their newly-purchased school materials. This is the time to prepare again all the things needed for […]

  • A Mother’s Love: Then and Now

    Events, Insights & Tips 12/05/2017

    The way she held you in her arms the first time she saw you. The way she smiled while looking with awe at your face. The way she read bedtime stories making you feel fairy-tales are true. The way she sang lullabies until you fall asleep… How she wakes up at 4am to prepare your […]

  • The Magic of Ligligan Parul

    As the Christmas spirit blankets the bustling province of Pampanga, out comes the bright, festive lights that adorn the skyline. This is how Pampanga usually welcomes the Christmas season; with gleeful hearts and a thousand twinkling lights that form a bright star lantern atop homesteads. Perhaps the most renowned appearance of these lanterns is their […]

  • Wedding Photography in Pampanga – Part 2

    The industry of wedding photography has now bloomed here in Pampanga. Photographers have as well progressed in the field. Pampanga now have a bunch of great photographers – people who do not only have the expertise but the passion as well in doing their job. That is why many couples, debutants, parents and families are […]

  • The 5 Best Dogs for your Home

    Insights & Tips 03/10/2016

    All of us know that dogs are more than just pets, they are a companion, friend, they are family. Dogs have this characteristic that gives us all joy. They are loyal, intelligent, loving and are incredibly friendly. They will wait for you until the time you come home, get really excited once they see you they even pee sometimes […]

  • Wedding Flower Ideas You Must Try

    Insights & Tips 05/09/2016

    Your big day comes in your life once, let your wedding be something new and fresh. Try these floral arrangement ideas at your event. All White Floral Arrangement For your event styling, you may try using various elements for depth and composition. All-white setup is neat and elegant making your wedding classy as it should […]

  • List of Halls in Pampanga for your Events

    One big decision to make when organizing an event is choosing a venue that fits your party theme. More than that, there are a lot of other factors to consider like the budget, the number of guests and the type of event that you are organizing. Before choosing where to book your event, you must […]

  • Instagram-worthy Vintage Cafés in Pampanga

    With this retro phenomenon, the vintage theme is seen almost anywhere, we bet, even on your very own Instagram post. Designers today have started infusing vintage designs for architectural structures and have joined the hype. We’d also like to wonder what is with ‘vintage’ that makes us all hyped about it. Vintage, as we all […]

  • 5 Steps in Developing a Successful Marketing Strategy

    Amidst large established businesses and a multitude of competitors that are currently in the market, it is crucial for a budding business to create an efficient Marketing Strategy in order for it to thrive. The main objectives of a Marketing Strategy are to attract the target market to buy their products or services, and develop […]

  • 5 Reasons Why You Must Hire an Event Organizer

    Insights & Tips 27/07/2016

    It might be that you have experienced setting up a major event; your daughter’s debut, your mom’s 50th birthday, or even your own wedding. As you organize every part of your party from the invitations, the gowns, the food, the giveaways, the table arrangements… all these must be done in detail. With that being said, […]

  • Check out the Best Florists of Pampanga

    You don’t want your wedding ceremony or even your reception to look dull or lifeless. So, what you must be looking for now is a wedding florist, because what’s a wedding without flowers? Flowers bring flavor in any kind of event setting, they brighten and beautify the atmosphere of any gathering. Without the flowers, the […]

  • Tips you need as you look for your perfect wedding photographer

    Insights & Tips 11/07/2016

    Getting married is something everyone is looking forward to. Weddings are definitely memorable events that are not to be forgotten, more so, something that is to remember as the passing of time. Memories as much important as photographs bring a feeling of nostalgia, because kept in every photo are moments that are relived by the […]

  • Wedding Photography in Pampanga

    Insights & Tips 07/07/2016

    Weddings are more than just events. With wedding photography, moments, emotions, and relationships are being captured. That’s why wedding photography is currently being saturated now with professional photographers because – beyond the trend – wedding photography is engaging. Around the world, wedding photography is progressing as photographers thrive in excelling in their field of expertise […]

  • SunStar Pampanga features PampangaDirectory.Com

    Business 20/06/2016

    SunStar Pampanga, as the only daily newspaper in Pampanga that covers news from the four districts of the province, featured PampangaDirectory.com in their Business section last June 15, 2016. Sunstar Pampanga dubbed PampangaDirectory.com as the pioneer and only dominant online business directory, as well as the only innovating organization of search solutions in Pampanga. PampangaDirectory.com […]

  • On Print Industry: is it dead, really?

    “Printing is essential to all education, all the other arts rely on it, religious movements depend on it, business could not function without it, nor could government.” ­ Arthur P. Twogood We are made of books, of ink, of printed words, of lines drawn to every page that made us to who we are today. […]

  • Benefits of Using a Local Online Business Directory

    The Internet has become an important part of our everyday life.  It has become a need in this digital world.  Internet penetration around the world has reached a whopping 832.5% growth from 2000 to 2015.  It has now totaled to an astounding 46.4 % penetration, for both fixed and mobile connections.  According to Internet World […]